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The World of Bill Windsor; spin doctor, domain-squatter, obsessed stalker, VEXATIOUS LITIGANT

The following is constitutionally protected blogging activity and is protected under First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights - and/or, using Windsor's own words, "This website and all of my websites are protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments. Everything that I publish is true and correct based upon my personal knowledge or opinion based upon my understanding of the events and issues."

[note -this information will be updated as the mess known as Bill Windsor continues to get messier - please check back for updates]


UPDATE: 02-19-2015 - At 2:29 .p.m. PST, Ellis County District Attorney, Patrick Wilson, announced that the fugitive had been captured and is in custody in Ada County Jail in Idaho. Bravo to the Meridian Police Department for their good work, and of course to the Ellis County Texas D.A.'s office!


UPDATE: 12-30-2014 - After being released from jail, and after bailing out 7 cell-mates he met while incarcerated, a WANTED poster was widely distributed to help in the capture & return of William M. ("Monster") Windsor who is apparently now running from the Law.

As posted by Ellis County, TX, D.A., Patrick Wilson, on his twitter and facebook, if anyone knows Windsor's whereabouts, they are instructed to contact the Ellis County Sheriff's Office at 972-825-4901.

Windsor, in his ever-so spinning ways, hinted on his facebook that he would be running, and went so far as to admit he was in search of the state that would make it hardest to extradite him from. He also said he was trading in his jeep to become "invisible". Now, it seems, he's packed up his mega-costly rental loft in Dallas, and has embarked on a dangerous game of cats & mouse with lawmen & women of at least two states.

Be on the look-out, folks, and help get the word out. Let's get this menace behind bars again so he cannot continue to harm so many innocent victims.


10-29-2014: Bill Windsor was arrested in Ellis County Texas in the wee hours of the morning of October 29th, where he awaits extradition to Montana to face 5 charges (three of which are felony charges). Read more about it here.


Look past the southern accent and "grandfatherly" charm, and Bill Windsor appears to be nothing but a spoiled, vindictive, pathetic man who throws tantrums, makes stuff up out of whole cloth, and literally stalks and harasses people in person and by using the courts, the internet, and domain name registries as his weapons. It’s all spelled out here in the pages of this expose, here in this letter, and here on this blog.

His ad nauseum bloviation via his writings, his online "radio show" and very poorly produced videos, the thousands of documents he's bombarded the courts with over the decades--all steered by his insatiable ego--is what has led to his public figure notoriety to now [accurately] be that of a carnival-barking, vendetta loving, vexatious litigant who has attracted an unusual cult of followers.

But to him? I'm a criminal for helping to remove some of his smoke and mirrors, and he’s an innocent victim of what he’s now harping to be “the biggest case of defamation in history".

Grow up, Windsor. Look back at your soon to be 7 decades of life, and ask yourself if this is really who you want to be – a soured old man who is going to die alone and lonely. And no, that isn’t a death threat, but you’ll likely claim it is.

Stacy Emerson
(whose name Windsor registered as a domain name as a harassment tactic)


Click to Meet Bill Windsor:




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